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Concept 2 Rowing Times.

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JaybukIcon...11-10-2017 @ 06:59 
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unit94 said:Any tips for doing but mainly training for a 2k? Ive challenged mym ate to a race in 9 weeks, hes just started a rowing programme and his PB is 1 second better than mine so its not gonna be an easy win. I've got 15 sessions left as im going to row twice a week. Today I did 6x400m with 1 minute rest at 1:39 pace and they were surprisingly easy, then I did a 2k at 7:35 which was very relaxed. Im thinking one day a week build up the intervals to longer distances at target pace for the 2k (1:41) and on another day do a longer row at a slower pace with some faster bursts a few times within the distance. Sound any good?

I used a similar technique for improving with 20x500m intervals brought my 10k time from 46 to sub 41 rather easily
macrothIcon...12-10-2017 @ 15:08 
Swiss Deadlift record holder (fo' realz)
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Sounds like a good basic plan. For the intervals you can make each one longer, or you can do more reps at the same distance as the previous week. Either way, aim for a steady pace throughout, with a faster last rep or 2 last reps if you can.

At some point I would suggest throwing in these two sessions. If you can hit the target average pace, you're in a good spot.

8 x 500m/3:30 rest = 3seconds faster than 2k pace (2k 3)

4 x 1000m/5 min rest = 1second slower than 2k pace (2k + 1)
unit94Icon...12-10-2017 @ 18:11 
what is everyone's fran time?
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They sound tough but I'll try those, makes a lot of sense cheers mate
uzaladIcon...18-10-2017 @ 18:32 
not hilarious
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I'm training on the Concept2 with limited time (I have access on my lunch to a rower so I only get around 25 minutes).

Failed today doing 3x750m, first two were 1:43.9 and I just couldn't recover in time for the third, I just gave up mid way through. I'm sure if I did 1:45 on the first two sets I would have been able to finish but it shows how close the margins are.

Still haven't done a 2000m.


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