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General benefits of training

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BillwestIcon...15-06-2018 @ 11:57 
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Rick said:I know a lot of people with f**ked backs, but no lifters.

I'm not 100% sure this is true, I know one or two, but they seem a lot more motivated to get them sorted out.
HamIcon...16-06-2018 @ 23:41 
Member 4787, 100 posts
Benefits of lifting? Feeling better, looking better, which leads to feeling better mentally which leads to confidence which leads to better opportunities presenting themselves...

it's an awesome win win win cycle!

As with anything: too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing...most of us ignore the signs of "too much" like aches and pains and niggles though...we're just liftersHappy
Wayne_CowdreyIcon...16-06-2018 @ 23:47 
Ripped anuses heal quickly in my experience
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Today I pulled a stuck washing line pole out of the ground for someone.
Fakeinjury17Icon...17-06-2018 @ 14:50 
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Self esteem. Feel a lot more confident at higher BW. Also less stressed since starting training in 2012. In terms of competing, more confident too as it provides a 'reason' for all the time cost and eating.
unit94Icon...17-06-2018 @ 22:14 
what is everyone's fran time?
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It allows me to lift attractive girls up very easily at salsa dancing, this is definitely a benefit Tongue


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