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LearneyIcon...22-08-2009 @ 13:27 
Trains in the poshest gym on SB
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SQ 310, BP 225, DL 330
865.0 kgs @ 100kgs Eq
Ok, so I managed to lock my L4 and L5 facet joints. Getting your spine massaged through your stomach was one of the most uncomfortable things I've endured! My physio will let me know if I can compete in the Dragons on Monday dependant upon how I've responded to treatment.

Be gutted if I cant compete but will be there to support irrelevant of the outcome. Unhappy
Paul_DIcon...22-08-2009 @ 13:38 
Hey mate, my name is Paul Dudley
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SQ 200, BP 155, DL 282.5
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Bloody hell, hope you can compete mate.

BoarIcon...23-08-2009 @ 09:25 
help is not coming
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having been shown what the facet joints are and how they move by the physio , i can only im imagine how painfull it is locking the f**kers !!

massaged 'thru the front' ? f**k !


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