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Piriformis sufferers?

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rawlifterIconPiriformis sufferers?17-01-2018 @ 23:15 
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Long story short

Deadlifts have been painfull for a while now....basically my glutes/arse hurt when performing them - even on light weights.

ive been ignoring it and pushing through regardless but the heavier it gets the more uncomfortable - hard to describe the pain - not a sharp pain but discomfort in the glutes and the exercise is completely unenjoyable

Im guessing this is the dreaded piriformis

So any advice on how to get rid of it? pushing through it is not working

I have looked up the piriformis stretch - did it work for you? how often? anything else?
SimCastleIcon...18-01-2018 @ 14:54 
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a few minutes of piriformis stretching daily totally alleviated my problems
JackRevansIcon...18-01-2018 @ 16:53 
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hip flexor stretch and glute activation exercises. light bulgarian split squats and "hip aeroplains"
OxmanIcon...18-01-2018 @ 18:45 
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Stretches help and so does regular sports massage therapy.
rawlifterIcon...19-01-2018 @ 11:44 
Member 5584, 277 posts
SQ 225, BP 157.5, DL 255
637.5 kgs @ 103kgs UnEq
Appreciate the advise

1 - how did you know it was piriformis (im guessing i have it, do my symtoms sound similar? - my biggest problem is the feeling in my glutes deadlifting is very uncomfortable)

2 - any specific stretches - Ill look up the ones already mentioned thanks,
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