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Pressing programmes

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PaulSavageIcon...07-03-2018 @ 22:34 
my goals are none realistic
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Post Edited: 07.03.2018 @ 22:35 PM by PaulSavage
To me a lot of what's been mentioned here is about peaking and getting good at the skill of lifting heavy rather than actually getting stronger. Don't get me wrong, if you already have the max amount of muscle you can hold at your weight or don't wish to put on any muscle then sure, getting the CNS primed and getting good at lifting heavy is what you should do. Of course though, if you put on 10lb of upper body muscle and then you went back to the same routine as before, peaked, got good at lifting heavy, primed your CNS etc you would smash your PB's.

For the above reasons the best routine for improving pressing strength would typically be a bodybuilding routine + more food to gain muscle. Of course go to lower reps before contest etc
DrDIcon...08-03-2018 @ 17:40 
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Need to be pressing at least 2 or 3 times a week in my opinion to make best progress

Exercise variation good unless you want to specifically work one lift, and plenty of volume with heavy weights.

Triceps can be battered 3 times a week with a bit of a build up.

I tend to hit around 20,000kg of bench variations on average per week plus some triceps accessory work. I like heavy / medium / light split if training 3 times a week.
SteBennettIcon...09-03-2018 @ 19:56 
Average hamstring at best
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Cheers, all good advice and much appreciated!
It's given me some new ideas to work with


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