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Strange deaths and are stronger people more difficult to kill ?

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slow_lift_joeIconStrange deaths and are stronger people more difficult to kill ?12-03-2018 @ 23:47 
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Strange Deaths :-

Former spy poisoned with Novichok nerve agent ?

MI6 spy found dead in a padlocked holdall bag in a bathtub ?

Some really silly deaths :-

Jimmy Ferrozzo A bouncer died in the Condor Club San Francisco while engaging in sexual intercourse on a grand piano and it crushed him.

Fitness model Rebecca Burger killed by a canister of whipped cream hitting her in the chest.

Some famous people ones :-

Jack Daniels the famous distiller died due to kicking a safe and getting an infection.

Brandon Lee shot himself while filming the Crow, by mistake.

Mike Edwards of ELO died when a large bale of hay rolled down a hill and collided with his vehicle.


I would survive a grand piano and the whipped cream I would hope, the rest would take me down.

Do anyone else know of any strange or very suspicious deaths/assassination ?
FlooblerIcon...13-03-2018 @ 00:58 
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Didn't Greg Plitt die by getting ran over by a train whilst filming an energy drink commercial?
slow_lift_joeIcon...13-03-2018 @ 10:19 
Member 6186, 162 posts
He was killed by a locomotive he was trying to out run while filming a commercial for an energy drink.
JackRevansIcon...13-03-2018 @ 12:49 
'There was also a sausage in my mouth.'
Member 2477, 15934 posts
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autoerotic asphyxiation is how i want to go
matthewvcIcon...13-03-2018 @ 20:52 
my friends call me TechnoJim
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Post Edited: 13.03.2018 @ 20:52 PM by matthewvc
Strong back and neck muscles may reduce a fatal spinal injury in a car crash
to non fatal one - rugby props are always doing neck work to protect against spinal injuries when scrummaging.

Bullet esp high velocity used by Americans in their 'Walmart smart price assault rifles' - no chance. they cut through living tissue like a hot knife through butter.

Train nope.. I saw the remnants of a cow that had been hit by one it had been split in two.
scruffmcbuffIcon...13-03-2018 @ 21:34 
the new longest serving member without a tagline
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Yes. Powerlifters in particular are a kin to immortal gods.

Strongmen are hard to kill too but sucumb to fatal anal injurys very VERY regularly.

Weigtlifters pretty much die all the time for no reason... I believe its gods way of punishing them for cheating and using technique
JohnIcon...13-03-2018 @ 22:30 
Member 5263, 3343 posts
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Post Edited: 13.03.2018 @ 22:34 PM by John
Harry Houdini surprise punch, after so many years of escapes and scrapes he dies of a ruptured appendix after a surprise punch,

Oh one of my favourites the play write Aeschylus, killed by a tortoise being dropped on his bold head after an eagle mistook his head for a rock, Grin
slow_lift_joeIcon...13-03-2018 @ 23:11 
Member 6186, 162 posts
That is a good point, a strong back and neck.

I think Mike Tyson with his neck in his prime would have been very difficult to hurt and someone like Brock Lesnar with his neck and back would be a difficult man to hurt.

I also agree powerlifters seem to be "stomp em, poison em, shoot em, hit em with a car - whatever !
They are like John Wick.
NickWIcon...14-03-2018 @ 12:09 
Member 5852, 15 posts
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JackRevans said:autoerotic asphyxiation is how i want to go

This doesn't surprise me at all.
matthewvcIcon...14-03-2018 @ 12:19 
my friends call me TechnoJim
Member 5704, 2724 posts
SQ 260, BP 210, DL 320
790.0 kgs @ 96.3kgs UnEq
NickW said:
This doesn't surprise me at all.
hardcheeseIcon...14-03-2018 @ 16:03 
Member 5265, 79 posts
Post Edited: 14.03.2018 @ 16:05 PM by hardcheese
I remember them saying Manfred only survived his 2 major vehicle accidents due to his physique.

I was knocked down by a double decker bus myself, long time ago and I am still alive (apparently).

Beat that Manfred!
dannyboy73IconI was being a rascal at the time...14-03-2018 @ 17:29 
Member 4600, 6360 posts
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Post Edited: 14.03.2018 @ 17:30 PM by dannyboy73
I am currently sitting with socks on my ears.

But I cant recall any serious impacts except once when I was jumped on by all the bouncers at a night club and remained standing. Guess squats saved my bacon.
slow_lift_joeIcon...14-03-2018 @ 23:05 
Member 6186, 162 posts
Strong hardcheese and dannyboy, impressed.
You are both difficult to hurt.

There was a Rugby team in an aeroplane that crashed in a remote part of the Andes in 1972 about 16 lived to tell the tale, I watched a film some time ago about it.
They did eat some of their own team to live mind you. Strong necks and backs a lot of rugby players.
NickWIcon...16-03-2018 @ 09:42 
Member 5852, 15 posts
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matthewvc said:

The funniest part of this, is that Jack had no idea who I was until I told hm at the gym.

This precipitated, in an odd fashion, a discussion about how he has been doing a log for 11 years. And how this would likely be about 2500km long by now and have required him to constantly eat at a rate of 1cm of food per second for that entire time.
GordyIcon...16-03-2018 @ 13:56 
Member 5418, 375 posts
I think as far as weird unusual deaths are concerned itís a matter of luck (or lack thereof). I saw a program about a woman who was impaled by an angry 400-500lb marlin her fishing boat was pursuing. Marlins have very rough bills so had that been Thor or Eddie, their lungs would have been sliced right open and they would have died pretty quickly. Luckily the woman had breast implants, one coated the bill meaning her lungs were pushed to the side rather than sliced open and she survived.

I watched a program where they replicated a plane crash to see what the odds are of you surviving one. it basically comes down to where youíre sitting and what part of the plane hits the ground first. The plane hit front first meaning the people in first class were f**ked no matter who you are, but the people sitting in the back would have suffered forces similar to those youíd experience riding the dodgems and would have walked away without a scratch (if they could escape the fire).

Something more run of the mill like being hit by a car or being assaulted I think being stronger would help.

While not really the same sort of thing, the weirdest death Iíve heard of was a guy in Brazil that was taken to hospital very ill. They found a tumour and after performing a biopsy discovered the cells were not human, he died shortly afterwards. Turns out he had AIDS, didnít take his medication, ended up getting a tapeworm. The tapeworm, uninhibited due to the guys lack of an immune system, grew much larger and older than it should have been able to. The tapeworm developed cancer, the cancer spread to the guy, his body started growing cancerous tapeworm cells that eventually killed him.
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