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» truck pull (Go to post)11-09-2012 @ 13:36 
Stair climber - high reps, almost all glutes and will increase GPP too. 30secs high level, 30 secs low level. Do this for 10mins. Also hits the calves quite a bit. I also like to use a cable crossover machine. I can lean forwards and walk out, then come back and do 3 walks per set.
» Watfords Strongest Man Novices under 105kg and Open Comp (Go to post)10-09-2012 @ 23:10 
samurai69 said:Cars for car deadlift will be a 1 series BMW for 105s and a 3 Series BMW for the opens

Any idea of what the weight in the hands will be for u105s roughly? 18" give or take if i'm correct?
» Post a typical days eating (Go to post)10-09-2012 @ 14:19 
Wake up whenever

Sandwich, milk or whatever at 12ish.


Protein shake whilst training, plus carbs (usually energy drink, lucozade etc) Sometimes peanuts in the gym between sets.

Pizza or leftovers at 3ish

Cook dinner (something simple for myself) or more of 3 o'clock meal at 6ish

Dinner at 8ish with gf - chicken and rice, beef and rice, fajitas.... veg goes in here.

11 or so - pint of milk maybe, couple of sandwiches? Might snack on some fruit. Tea/coffee and biscuits.

1am - might have the same as 11pm or do that now if I haven't done so already.

Diet is vague but usually around 170-200g protein, 400ish carbs
» worst pain you ever felt (Go to post)10-09-2012 @ 00:01 
JamieG said:I just remembered mine, dunno if this crosses the weird line but...

In my early teens i decided to put a mint tic tac down my bell end while masturbating.
It just kept popping out so i sacked it off, fine at the time but it must have irritated it though because for the next week it felt like i was peeing glass. Had to use the cubicles at school so no one saw my face in agony.

Why not just use toothpaste like the rest of us?
» first time squat 280kg (Go to post)09-09-2012 @ 23:58 
pila81 said:
Dzieki skad jestes

Parents are from Cyprus (Turkish side) but I was born in London. Polish ex and I only know a few phrases.
» first time squat 280kg (Go to post)09-09-2012 @ 22:34 
Dobrze bardzo Grin
» worst pain you ever felt (Go to post)08-09-2012 @ 18:08 
PAGAN said:I was trimming the hairs on my shaft ( yes that shaft) with a pair of nail scissors once ( as you do) when I slipped and nicked my skin. I bled like f**k and even when it stopped bleeding it left a very tender little wound. We had some of that liquid skin stuff in the cupboard which I thought it might help me heal up quickly and obviously I wanted to heal up quickly as nobody likes to be 'out of action' down there.

I didn't know this stuff stings a bit when used on fingers or other common places to suffer cuts. I certainly didn't know applied to my nob it would leave me writhing round the bathroom floor screaming obscenities Unhappy

I put deep heat on either my bellend or my arse when I was a little kid - I remember my mum picking me up and washing it out in the bathroom sink. Not fun.
» worst pain you ever felt (Go to post)08-09-2012 @ 18:07 
Vid1982 said:Mine was holding my little girl still whilst the doctors assessed her broken collar bone. Close second was eating calamari with a fractured zygonia (cheek bone) got three plates in my face from that one.

How did you fracture it? How did that compare to the pain whilst eating said calamari?
» worst pain you ever felt (Go to post)08-09-2012 @ 15:58 
Circumcision aged 4 with no anaesthetic. I was given a magazine to take my mind off things. I didn't know how to swear at that age. 2nd worst was a torn acl which took the meniscus out. Slammed my foot in a car door when I was about 9.
» WR deadlifts at IPF Juniors (Go to post)07-09-2012 @ 18:31 
JackRevans said:does anyone know why the american guy was wearing wrist wraps?

Andy Bolton used to deadlift with wrist wraps. He's got an OK deadlift.....

It forces the muscles that are responsible for contracting the hands (flexors) to er.... contract. Much like how knee wraps work (part of how they work) - shortens the tendons.
» WR deadlifts at IPF Juniors (Go to post)07-09-2012 @ 18:03 
JamieG said:Is it wrong to think sumo looks cooler?

Not at all (then again when I lift equipped, it's ALWAYS SUMO and i'm biased)
» Watfords Strongest Man Novices under 105kg and Open Comp (Go to post)05-09-2012 @ 11:27 
Doesn't say anything about suits not being allowed. Are they?
» Big Gay bash2 (Go to post)04-09-2012 @ 21:58 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:If I was competing you'd all get raped!

If my Aunt had a pair of testicles.....
» Squat relevance in strongman? Also a quick glance at training routine. (Go to post)04-09-2012 @ 16:52 
LessThanLuke said:I would personally carry on doing what you were doing before but with more of an emphasis on overhead rather than bench.

Sorry, bench was supposed to read OHP. I hate benching anyway!
» Squat relevance in strongman? Also a quick glance at training routine. (Go to post)04-09-2012 @ 16:44 
Post Edited: 04.09.2012 @ 16:45 PM by Funky_monkey
I used to compete in powerlifting, and have now made a move to strongman. I'm still trying to get my squat up, but have seen that many guys have significantly lower squats than deadlifts. Should I still carry on trying to improve squat/bench/shoulder press, or not worry about squats too much and change the squat day to deads or something? Current training routine looks a little like

Mon - rack pulls of varying heights, SLDL from floor, seated rows etc.

Weds - jerk from racks, cleans, shoulder press, triceps

Fri - squats, leg press, glute work, maybe abs

Should I focus more on doing speed pulls from floor on the friday, or will this burn out my CNS far too quickly? I can do sumo deadlifts from floor with a few doubles at around 80% on monday in order to help with tyres etc?

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