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» Your biggest ever meal (Go to post)31-10-2012 @ 19:13 
davycummings said:
Never heard of it mate, what does that involve?
I just like eating lots of food Happy

Competitive eaters use water the day before a competition to stretch out the stomach, whilst ensuring it isn't full for a prolonged period of time. I think the top guys get about 8 litres in the evening before a competition, although it's pretty dangerous as it can perforate the lining of the stomach and lead to diluting all the electrolytes. I find I can only get about a litre in one go, then I can't be bothered to go again an hour later.
» Foam Rollers (Go to post)31-10-2012 @ 19:10 
Just use a bar in the gym..... Or a cricket ball.
» Whats your favourite drink on a night out?? (Go to post)31-10-2012 @ 19:07 
Disaronno is quite nice, but i'd have it neat/on the rocks. Although I wouldn't order it because of the advert.
Stolichnaya on it's own or with a little bit of ice.
Whisky sours. Tequilla. More vodka.
» Funky Monkey's big smelly log..... (Go to post)31-10-2012 @ 18:03 
Post Edited: 22.11.2012 @ 21:10 PM by Funky_monkey
Vanilla Gorilla press
35kg x 5
55kg x 5,5,5,5,2. 3rd and 4th sets I took about 5-10 seconds break, but considerably better than last week

BTN Push press
55kg x 3
65kg x 3
75kg x 3

Close grip pin press
55kg x 2
75kg x 2
85kg x 2
95kg x 2
102.5kg x 1

Rolling dumbell extensions lying down
12.5s x 10,8,6

Abs x plenty including a dragon flag. Eyes almost popped out of my head though.
» Happy Birthday Boar (Go to post)29-10-2012 @ 21:23 
Happy Birthday, Boarski. Jaffa cake with a candle?
» Your biggest ever meal (Go to post)29-10-2012 @ 21:10 
davycummings said:
Ha ha, I am not sure what my biggest meal would be, but there have been some big ones.
Some very good efforts on here for sure. Interestingly, I think I could eat more at 90-100kg in a single sitting than now, although i could eat much more in a day now.
I will have a think
But a few
31 plates of sushi, 6 bowls of soup and a pile of beers, then next door for about 20 chicken skewers
KFC Delux family bucket, along the road for a family sushi platter, then a protein bar
12 cheeseburgers and 8 hotdogs with chilli including rolls
2kg steak, couple of baked potatos, onion rings, coleslaw
A burger made from a whole cottage loaf, 500g beef, 500g pulled pork, 4 venison sausages, 12 rashers of bacon, 8 slices of cheese, fried onions and garlic mayo
prob eaten lots one than any of these on visits to Jimmy Chungs etc though

Do you/did you do water loading at all? I can't seem to get in more than a litre without feeling sick. I'm sure I can neck more if I add squash, but it doesn't want to go down.

My best is probably 20oz T-bone with a jacket potato, coleslaw, 1 pint of oreo milkshake, a big hotdog with chips, 2 massive pancackes filled with banana and maple syrup and still had room for more.
» Eden's log (Go to post)29-10-2012 @ 21:07 
Muchos PBs lately. Good stuff. You competing in anything soon?
» James Ward - 162.5kg log / 270kg squat @ 90kg (Go to post)29-10-2012 @ 21:05 
Is he even wearing knee wraps for those squats? Insane strength.
» Funky Monkey's big smelly log..... (Go to post)29-10-2012 @ 20:59 
Post Edited: 29.10.2012 @ 23:44 PM by Funky_monkey
Deadlifts (still no squats. Knee was ok today but still need to book in for an MRI)
No chalk

60kg x 3
100kg x 3
140kg x 3
175kg x 1
175kg x 1
197.5kg x 1
175kg x 3

95kg x 8,8,5

2 hand pinch grip on the end of the little bar
50kg x 10 secs
60kg x 10
75kg x 10

18" rack pull
135kg x 5 secs
175kg x 5 secs
215kg x 1 rep - just about held it at the top before grip started going

12.5kg dumbell x 3 sets of 8 holds. Similar to pinch grip

BW X 36

Hamstrings -
Full stack x 8 then drop sets

Single legged hammy curls
37.5 x 8
» Log advice.... (Go to post)29-10-2012 @ 19:22 
I'd go with a JT one or failing that, a tricep bar.
» Indecent Proposal (Go to post)29-10-2012 @ 10:29 
I don't have a million to pay them to put up with her for the night. He can take her for free. Sorry, returns not accepted.
» Funky Monkey's big smelly log..... (Go to post)29-10-2012 @ 09:17 
shanejer said:Boom good luck !

Maybe see you on the battlefield one day !

Thanks. Have to say you're quite an inspiration and read your log to see what I can do for workouts. No homo.
» Funky Monkey's big smelly log..... (Go to post)29-10-2012 @ 09:16 
dr_hazbun said:
Alright pal!
most impressive thing you've posted!

My BW is only about 84kg at the moment, so not really! I'll see if I can do 50 in one go before my deads.
» Stone Cold Sober (Go to post)29-10-2012 @ 09:03 
That the one with Robson Green? I love watching that.
» Olech squat 355kg x 2 (Go to post)29-10-2012 @ 08:48 
You guys are all going on about how tight the knee wraps are. I'm guessing most strongmen don't like tight wraps? I always though that was the norm for powerlifting, and anything less is laziness/ladyness...

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