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» Natural Stone lifting article (Go to post)22-07-2015 @ 05:57 
Hey guys,
glad you enjoyed it.

scorpian said:
Wats the heaviest one you know of

Not sure but heard some lunatic shouldered a pretty big welsh stone recently
Wink Grin
» Babyslayer 362kg x 8 deadlift.. (Go to post)13-05-2015 @ 06:52 
Post Edited: 13.05.2015 @ 06:53 AM by Luke_Reynolds
aaron_lohan said:
Bad spelling is not the future, and it annoys me when British people use Americanisms like "could care less" when they mean couldn't care less.

Thank you. I thought i was the only one to notice this.
the american 'could care less' s**t makes f**kin zero sense but they insist on using over and over.

thank you to fat pete also.
» Eddie Hall pulls 462kg (Go to post)15-03-2015 @ 21:38 
Deadlift numbers were-

ed 462kg
brian 420kg
Radz & Eben 400kg
everyone else 360kg

Log Numbers-

oberst 211kg
brian 200kg
radz & Ed 190kg
Rob 160kg
Dan & Gerhard 150kg
ben & Eben 140kg
» Ed hall talking deadlift (Go to post)13-03-2015 @ 04:59 
comp is with regular bar and plates
» Ed hall talking deadlift (Go to post)13-03-2015 @ 03:30 
Craig_Pfisterer said:
Last I heard it was:
Car Walk w/ 410
Max Log
Max Deadlift
Dumbbell for reps
Farmers 147 for 75 mtrs
Stones to 205 @ 1.4 mtrs high

this is correct
» Ed hall talking deadlift (Go to post)13-03-2015 @ 03:30 
DL1987 said:
At the arnolds au?? Never heard events I think he was talking about europes strongest man and deadlift champs there

he's talking about arnold's australia. max dead this weekend. colin bryce just mentioned it in commentary for the arnold am's auatralia.
» Gyms in sydney oz (Go to post)09-02-2015 @ 04:21 
Seanbundy1988 said:Hi everyone ! Anyone know of good gyms i can train at in sydney ? Im moving there for a year in march. Ive contacted a few strongman clubs on facebook etc but got pretty blunt responses lol ! Alot of the good gyms ive seen online look like there more for clients , Pt sessions only ? Any ideas ? Thanks

hey mate. check out strongman australia on facebook and ask there.
there's plenty of strongman training to be had here in sydney. i can't help you as i train in a garage situation, however, there's some good guys training in and around sydney. sydney covers a massive area so you may need to be prepared to travel. PTC as mentioned is an option, and some of the top guys like ben simpson and mike jones train there from time to time. i think adonis athletics is another with powerlifting and strongman gear. good luck and enjoy your stay.
» New Highland Games Book (Go to post)29-01-2015 @ 03:15 
get on it guys and gals. great read, well researched and written. i received an advance copy and was involved in the proofing process. james is a top guy and has put massive love and work into this project. the finished product is excellent.
» Greatest Strongman of All Time (Go to post)12-01-2015 @ 02:23 
Post Edited: 12.01.2015 @ 02:25 AM by Luke_Reynolds
oggy22 said:Doesn't matter about wsm titles - Z didn't compete in it while Pudz won most of his titles - Z would be on 7/8 titles now if he had of done! He beat him regularly in everything else!

explain which everything he was regularly beating pudz in at the time?
the z would have more titles argument gets a little old. in 2009 when all was unified again savickas beat pudz by a mere point on the final event. still topping freaks like brian shaw et al. saying pudz would get smashed now is ridiculous as he would have continued to improve and evolve like everyone else has. in 2003 i remember seein big z miss a 165kg log press. I think everyone that says z would be smashing pudz if around now is comparing a circa 2003 pudz to a 2013 big z, which is retarded. pudz moved with the sport like every other athlete hence the 2009 result. it's not like he rolled up in a unified competition in 2009 and failed to make the final! saying that from 2005-2008 he would have smashed pudz is silly and well f**k me, redundant.
anyway, big z is the greatest now because his longevity cannot be denied. at the time, pudz was better.
terry best brit.
» Sheiko Comparison of Magnusson deadlift and Sarychev Deadlift (Go to post)18-12-2014 @ 01:37
» 560kg for 6m was aiming for 12m (Go to post)03-12-2014 @ 20:44 
scorpian said:
I've looked for this guy and all I can find is a 553kg vid for 5m bud

hi mate,
he prob only posted it on facebook.
I've spoken to him and his pb's are
576kg x10m
410kg x60m
200kg x113m

will try to find that video.
» 560kg for 6m was aiming for 12m (Go to post)02-12-2014 @ 20:54 
scorpian said:
Thanks all is there footage of this??

yep, but i'm at work atm. will post it when i can.
» 560kg for 6m was aiming for 12m (Go to post)02-12-2014 @ 00:57 
scorpian said:Thanks lads I'm aiming for the WR which is 555kg for 11m so 560 for 12 will be the goalHappy

nice work!

the best i've seen is 576kg for 10m, by Jordan Steffans of Australia.
» violence on the pitch (Go to post)16-10-2014 @ 23:35 
Flash said:
The people calling for flower to be banned should look at hopoate's list of indiscretions and reconsider.
I would rather take a punch than a cheeky finger

lol. agreed.
» violence on the pitch (Go to post)16-10-2014 @ 21:41 
chaos said:
Quite a while I would guess.
Sonny Bill Williams for example

Solomon Haumono,
Anthony Mundine,
Sonny Bill,
John Hopoate,
Paul Gallen.

All have entered the ring to varying degrees of success.


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