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» Tom Magee (Go to post)17-06-2018 @ 10:05 
Ham said:Friend of mine fought MMA to high televised national level: very calm and intelligent person that had no desire to fight outside of the cage whatsoever.

Also said that he couldn't get in to the fight in the cage until after he had been hit in the face first Happy

Different strokes.

I for one love a good wrestling tussle but dislike being punched in the ear.

GSP done a recent podcast with Joe Rogan that I highly recommend.

He loves his job, but he hates 2days a year. That's the days he fights.

He loves studying/practicing and the physical fitness, but he finds fight night tough. It's down to nerves and the huge build up.

From the entire show, you see arguably the most placid fella you could ever imagine. You wouldn't think he would harm a fly yet, The guy is one of the most dangerous fighters ever.

He mentions that he and Rory McDonald where asked, do they like fighting? Rory said yes and George said 'hell no'.

Only pricks/thugs look to street fight. When I was young, I would of looked up to 'the big guy on the street'. However with more life experience, I find it completely unnecessary, unless you're protecting yourself or loved ones.

Lets face it, fighting will land you one of two places (maybe both). Court or A &E.
» Tyson Fury is back, but will it be a great comeback ? (Go to post)11-06-2018 @ 21:26 
First fight back. He will vastly improve
» Tom Magee (Go to post)07-06-2018 @ 13:14 
John said:Horrible thing to see,wish him a speedy recovery,

Although this leads me to a thought.
Why do ppl think coz your bigger than average your a good fighter? I don't think being big necessarily makes you a good fighter,ok if you have to untrained guys the bigger guy may have the advantage but I've seen many big guys knocked down by a smaller opponent/attacker, putting macho bulls**t aside,most of us have probably had comments like I bet youd do well in a fight blah blah,but how many of us actually want to fight ?

Size definitely helps. However, if it's not in you, it's not in you.

I love the sport of fighting, but I hate street fighting. However, if it's two guys sorting out their differences one on one? I think that's ok.

Most real fighters are comfortable with themselves and are more placid than many think.

I think the general public thinking big guys can fight, is mostly right. If an average guy at 70kg takes on someone with similar ability at 120kg, then there 'should' only be one winner. .

However, many a hard nut at 70kg would have no problem beating a much larger average guy.
» Thought of a good event for Arnold's (Go to post)29-05-2018 @ 11:59 
LukeC said:
Its orange. The only squat suit I know that colour is the Metal multi-ply suit. Forget its name. Thought WSM was single ply only?

So Shaw cheated??
» Rep pb... (Go to post)22-05-2018 @ 13:22 
Amazing power and great depth!

Looks like 700lb is not far!
» 900kg and 1000kg Raw totals in Britain (Go to post)16-05-2018 @ 09:35 
sounds a bit like a prick, but I wasn't there, so can't give a strong opinion.
» Is eating healthy expensive? (Go to post)08-05-2018 @ 15:24 
Mikeneto said:So what meat do you guys eat then? Meat seems to be the grey area.

For me i eat steak mince with 12% fat...portion it out to 225g comes to about £1.20 plus veg and rice = £1.50 but is my most expensive meal of the day and i offset it with a cheap breakfast...fruit, nuts, oats and milk.

Then eggs and bacon or eggs and pork liver patŤ for third meal...or fish...or jacket potato beans and bacon. This is my flexible meal.

I generally aim for £1 a meal.

£3-£4 a day on food saves a lot of money over the year. I probably have one

takeaway once a month but actually be out for it, not eat it at home. Not including occasions..i am not a hermit due to diet fear.

The turning point for me was living with people that went to private and boarding school...i either had to accept they were genetically superior to me or copy their diet and see if I looked better from it. I look much better from and attraction are closely linked.

I buy 5kg of chicken for around £19-20. I just buy the 18% fat mince and drain the s**t out. Sometimes I buy the extra lean stuff. I also eat turkey rashers. They are quite cheap.

As I mentioned earlier, I also eat quite a bit of fish. some of it fresh, but much of it frozen.
» Is eating healthy expensive? (Go to post)08-05-2018 @ 12:00 
I buy meat in bulk. also frozen fish and veg a lot of the time. however, sometimes I treat myself to fresh fish.

Only really bring steak in now and then, to treat myself. Also I buy full fat mince beef and just drain some fat from it.

Cottage cheese is also awfully cheap, especially if not buying brand names.

Nuts are quite expensive, but you can find special offers.

Eating rubbish still works out cheaper, but you can eat clean on a budget, if you know what you are doing.
» Becca on BBC news beat and radio one (Go to post)07-05-2018 @ 21:15 
93hopkinsonr said:Drex is genuinely my favourite person on this forum

» WSM line-up (Go to post)07-05-2018 @ 17:35 
drex50 said:There were threads from WSM years ago with 60-70 pages. Now barely 30.

Probably because Ed isn't competing. Not as many fanboys or haters.
» WSM line-up (Go to post)06-05-2018 @ 21:05 
drex50 said:Damn Thor just walked the walk this year and he did it with a certain margin. Probably some of the most dominant wins in whole major shows Arnolds, ESM and WSM.
Who would have imagined that the 2 greatest Shaw and Z would be in this situation.
Number 5 remains Mariusz only and i just dont see Shaw taking it in the next years. Only if Thor is out and still Mateusz is just in the beginning. In such a format there is no way Shaw beats Mateusz.

I don't think Shaw will win number 5. Others are catching him and he's getting no younger.

Mariusz will remain the only five times champ for many years to come.
» WSM line-up (Go to post)06-05-2018 @ 10:01 
I think it was last year, or maybe two years ago, I said Mateuz can win WSM.

Only his deadlift isn't there with the big men.
» Becca on BBC news beat and radio one (Go to post)05-05-2018 @ 20:26 
FAT_SAM said:2500 cals a day and 28 stone get real

I can't remember the last time I ate less than 8000 and I'm a puny 25 stone. Not to mention the grams of anabolics and insulina I've put in over the years

No mention of Gh?
» WSM line-up (Go to post)05-05-2018 @ 19:52 
93hopkinsonr said:
As long as he accepts heís no longer one of the favourites, I donít see the problem. If he loves doing it still good for him. Itís like a premier league footballers making his way down the leagues in the twilight of his career.
Long live Big Z

It's hard to watch. Roy Jones has finally retired from boxing. It was difficult watching the last 14 or so years of the former Superman! Similar to the latter part of Tysons career.

Imagine Bolt qualifying for the Olympic final, to only come last? would be a sad show.
» WSM line-up (Go to post)05-05-2018 @ 19:38 
Hard for someone to stop doing something they love.

I imagine strength sports are similar to combat sports. You can still have it in training, but top competition is different.

I would like to see Z retire, but he maybe still enjoys it and finds it hard to stop.

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