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» strength wars (Go to post)25-03-2017 @ 21:03 
Imagine Pudz going against faceless warrior. He would annihilate him.
» Depression (Go to post)25-03-2017 @ 14:54 
KevC86 said:If youve got bored of f**king pussy, you are gay. Simples. Glad i could help.

Agree, but maybe he likes to bang different pussy. Many men (most) would like to, if they could.
» Depression (Go to post)25-03-2017 @ 12:07 
Plenty of married men out there.

Not many 300 bencher's, that bang loads of pussy.

Easy choice lol
» What's new (records smashed) (Go to post)25-03-2017 @ 10:26 
Yeah he's still huge and I bet still strong
» Depression (Go to post)24-03-2017 @ 21:46 
drex50 said:
After we separate Im planing to start taking drugs again, aiming for 300kg bench press.

Then ditch her!! 300kg bench and bang all the beautiful Quiff you desire!!
» Depression (Go to post)24-03-2017 @ 21:34 
Post Edited: 24.03.2017 @ 21:35 PM by AdamT
Just f**k other tramps and make the woman watch.

Or get her to be banged by someone and peak through the door lol
» 317.5kg (700lb) Deadlift PB (Go to post)24-03-2017 @ 21:18 
Nice and strong! Very explosive!
» Depression (Go to post)24-03-2017 @ 21:11 
Imagine she's a, kinda heavy ugly bird, that you f**ked behind trees when you were a kid. The kind of girl you hid from your mates, but you knew she would suck you off better than anyone else.

That should do the trick big man
» What's new (records smashed) (Go to post)24-03-2017 @ 20:07 
drex50 said:Answers are obvious...

Insulin, quality gh for those who can afford it, competing 2 times a year.

Does Kaz have the best strength genetics ever?
» What's new (records smashed) (Go to post)24-03-2017 @ 17:25 
BrenWad said:
330 and lean at 6ft 3. 40lbs of bodyweight and he'd have slotted into todays comps nicely.

Easily. His 170 log was all power. Them logs weren't balanced like today. Man was a beast. Still looks huge.
» What's new (records smashed) (Go to post)24-03-2017 @ 13:51 
I actually think for his time, Kaz was stronger than any of them. His numbers were HUGE for his bodyweight and his time. Kaz could of won far more comps if he never had the break from competing.
» 800 and 900 totals in britain (Go to post)22-03-2017 @ 11:38 
hixxy1985 said:

Noob (newbie, that knows nothing of strength)

Obviously said in jest, because you are among the strongest men on the planet.
» 800 and 900 totals in britain (Go to post)22-03-2017 @ 10:34 
Sam your squat is high unless we see a s**t stain on the floor. Sorry, but nice effort!
» 800 and 900 totals in britain (Go to post)22-03-2017 @ 10:23 
I squat in the back yard with a hole in the grass and 10 inch heels. I'm not sure I hit depth.
» Flags or Motivation Posters or Banners ? (Go to post)21-03-2017 @ 21:18 
scruffmcbuff said:
Sugden getting monitored...
MIOAL (MI5 Loal)


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