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» Loss of strength after week off (Go to post)11-12-2017 @ 22:04 
Gordy said:Two weeks ago I hit 200kg for a set of six, my 5RM was 190 like a month and a half ago so I was pretty excited by my recent progress.

Took a week off for studying/exams, and so far tonight I've managed to lift 180kg for a single and I seem to have somehow welded the bar to the platform in the process. It won't budge an inch now.

Does anyone know what is going on?

ebbs and flows. You can't presume a strength gain or loss in 1 or 2 sessions. It's all about the average of 1) gym lifts and 2) comp lifts.

Can't get an average after a single session. Maybe it was something good that happened on the 'good' day (sleep, diet, mental excitement, adrenaline...). More data needed to spot trend
» Whiplash from bench!?? (Go to post)24-11-2017 @ 09:03 
SteBennett said:3 and a half weeks on and I've got my mobility back and the pain is minimal. But I still can't feel my right thumb.
Went in to the gym today and as I curled the 10's up to press I noticed I have zero power in my right arm. It's like it's running in limp mode.
Anyone else get this? How long did it take to get back to normal?

Still comes and goes but 90% there. Back of my shoulder sometimes aches, radiates all into elbow crease, along edge of forearm and thumb semi-numb. I found lengthening the nerves reduced the tethering/pressure.

I did this by using a plastic cricket ball behind my shoulder blade and roll on it. Hard to do in normal surroundings...

Enter the BATH!!

Just by chance, I worked out:

1. The ball floating up keeps it 'stuck' to me, couldn't do it on carpet. Means I can really roll without is sliding about
2. Can control pressure better as it f**king hurts on a normal floor (obviously we are buoyant to a degree)
3. The hot water has a relaxing effect

I did it before bed; helped me sleep better and always wake up without the issue.
» the race to a 500lb bench (Go to post)16-11-2017 @ 20:41 
matthewvc said:
haha start your own 600lbs thread

Be thread stealing lol... and I'm scared Unhappy
» the race to a 500lb bench (Go to post)16-11-2017 @ 17:56 
Post Edited: 16.11.2017 @ 17:57 PM by AMH_Power
* cancel. My maths failed me.
» Bicep prehab/rehab (Go to post)11-11-2017 @ 09:23 
CAJ said:What you need is some

High Grade Healing and some British Powerlifting Creatine 157

Pmsl. As a side note, I've seen the latter completely resolve a friend's life long suffering of IBS and colitis. Shame the NHS sales reps don't get issued it in their toolkit by big pharma.
» 180kg bench PB (Go to post)09-11-2017 @ 20:50 
mega bench. Looked easy!
» Whiplash from bench!?? (Go to post)31-10-2017 @ 09:07 
SteBennett said:Been suffering with this now for a few weeks. The last 2 days have got severely worse. Can't even drop my right shoulder to normal level.
I was told my lower lats aren't working when pressing, I also have zero range of motion in my neck.

Interesting about the tear next to the shoulder blade as I've got a lot of discomfort in that area, feels all knotted up

I just do this every session and not had any issues since:

All head movement:

30x look left/right
30x chin to chest/sky
30x tilt head left/right
30x rotate counter/clockwise

Think it helps build up the neural pathways and warms the relevant muscles to prevent damage. My chiropractor/physio advised it
» Back injury recovery (Go to post)28-10-2017 @ 12:29 
mikecm said:Posted this in the injuries section but got no reply...

About 6 weeks or so ago, when deadlifting, I tore something in my back. After going to the doctors I was told that it was a ruptured disc, and that with rest it would go away or I'd need surgery. Now my back feels fine and I'm just about to return to training... anyone with a similar experience have any advice for getting back into it? I'm thinking of doing a light squat and bench session (particularly light for the crippling DOMS tomorrow...) but I'm not sure as and when I should build back into doing back stuff, particularly deadlifts.

As an update, I've been training about 2 weeks and it's alright. Done mainly lightish squats, bench and assistance work. Nothing directly lower back related yet, as my back is still a little tight.

Any similar experiences?

Lots mate. I'd suspect most on here have had a bulging/ruptured disc at some point. The spine has a very low circulation of blood, so it's beneficial to do higher reps and lighter loads for a few week prior getting back to heavy loading.

Jefferson curls seem to be a staple in preventing it happening again
» Grizzly Bear V Silverback Gorilla , true strength ! (Go to post)27-10-2017 @ 14:46 
Post Edited: 27.10.2017 @ 14:48 PM by AMH_Power
LaTuta said:People always exaggerate so much when talking about gorillas.
The average gorilla in the wild weighs nowhere near 500lbs. Many of them not even 400lbs.
And this 10+times stronger than any human is also the same s**t that was claimed many many years ago about chimps.
Recent studies found out that a chimp is pound for pound 2 times stronger than an average human.
No way in hell would a gorilla stand a chance against a big bear. A bear is a good equipped predator. A gorilla is a peaceful gentle plant eater.

Interesting about chimps. Chimps have pulled the hands of people, literally. I would've thought it would take more than 2x lb for lb to do that given that chimps are a fair bit lighter than a sturdy bloke!


"The apes were less-than-willing participants in the study. They were more apt to tear apart the shiny dynamometer than pull on it, and, unless the ape had a "distinctly vicious disposition," she was unlikely to approach the experimental task with much vigor. Bauman managed to rig his device outside the cage, feeding in a rope for the apes to work on. Then, amazingly, one of the Bronx chimpanzees—a former circus ape named Suzette—managed to pull 1,260 pounds.

Bauman took his study on the road, attempting tests at the Philadelphia Zoo and making inquiries as far afield as Chicago and Cincinnati. In 1926, he returned to the Bronx Zoo, successfully testing the largest chimpanzee then in captivity. That animal, named Boma, pulled 847 pounds one-handed."

» Grizzly Bear V Silverback Gorilla , true strength ! (Go to post)26-10-2017 @ 08:49 
I watched a documentary suggesting a brown bear would break a polar bears skull with a single strike but not vice versa. The polar bear has very light bones and less dense (and a smaller skull) than the brown.

The polar bear could produce 20% more impact than the brown bear but couldn't withstand half of the impact to its skull that the brown bear could.

The same programme suggested the Amur tiger is without equal, regardless of size.

Is this your own thoughts?

Also some mega awesome animals for various reasons:

Honey badger
Rainbow mantis shrimp
Zombie snail
» 820kg from the Brits (Go to post)25-10-2017 @ 19:34 
cheers lads.

Happy to share the peaking system I sued if anyone interested, just add/pm me on FB and I'll send it over
» 820kg from the Brits (Go to post)24-10-2017 @ 22:42 
JohnGym said:High bar, narrow stance, dive bomb, 300kg thing of beauty! Wowser!
Can wait to see what you do at the World Championships mate.

You're my favourite powerlifter! Big fan! Haha

First time I've heard that! Thanks mate. Hope all is well with you
» 820kg from the Brits (Go to post)24-10-2017 @ 10:49 
LessThanLuke said:Lovely

Cheers mate! Just need to bring my deadlift on lol
» 820kg from the Brits (Go to post)24-10-2017 @ 10:48 
macroth said:Great lifting. I like the no-nonsense bench setup. Do you not get any benefit from trying to arch more?

Not really mate. I have a couple of techniques which negates the need to arch excessively. Thanks mate
» 820kg from the Brits (Go to post)23-10-2017 @ 21:59 
Bim said:Brilliant lifting!

Cheers Paul. When you back over?

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