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Journal: 6-5-6 NorthWestside

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brynevans has not joined the powerlifting league.

Competition Calendar
GBPF Lancs and Cheshire powerlifting 2015Official03-05-2015
GBPF Lancs and Cheshire Powerlifting 2014Official11-05-2014
GBPF Northwest Powerlifting Championships 2013Official01-12-2013
GBPF 2013 British Senior Powerlifting ChampionshipsOfficial22-06-2013
GBPF Northwest Powerlifting ChampionshipsOfficial02-12-2012
GBPF NW Bench Press Championships 2011Competitor02-10-2011
GBPF 2011 British Unequipped bench press championshipsOfficial16-07-2011
GBPF NW Lancs and Cheshire plus Unequipped Powerlifting 2011Official22-05-2011
GBPF NW Unequipped Bench Press and Deadlift 2011Official20-02-2011
GBPF NW Benchpress championshipsOfficial03-10-2010
GBPF Roses Cup Lancs vs Yorks 2010Official01-08-2010
GBPF 2010 British Masters Powerlifting ChampionshipsOfficial10-04-2010
Adlington Push and Pull 2010Spectator23-01-2010
GBPF North West Powerlifting Championships 2009Official06-12-2009
GBPF Four Nations Championships Spectator17-10-2009
GBPF Northwest Counties Bench Press ChampionshipsOfficial11-10-2009
2009 All England Powerlifting ChampionshipsCompetitor22-08-2009
GBPF Roses Cup Yorkshire vs LancashireOfficial01-08-2009
GBPF Lancs and Cheshire Equipped and Unequipped PowerliftingOfficial24-05-2009
GBPF British MastersOfficial28-03-2009
Sugdens Strongest Man 2009Spectator21-02-2009
GBPF North West Unequipped Bench PressCompetitor15-02-2009
BWLA NWC Powerlifting Championships 2008Official07-12-2008
BWLA NWC Benchpress ChampionshipsCompetitor19-10-2008
All England Powerlifting ChampionshipsCompetitor20-09-2008
Adlington August OH Push and PullCompetitor09-08-2008
BWLA Roses Cup - InterdivisionalOfficial02-08-2008
BWLA British EquippedSpectator28-06-2008
BWLA NWC Lancs and Cheshire ChampionshipsCompetitor08-06-2008
Burnley strongmanSpectator04-05-2008
BWLA NWC Unequipped Powerlifting championshipsOfficial13-04-2008
BWLA British MastersSpectator05-04-2008
BWLA British Equipped Bench PressCompetitor08-03-2008
BWLA NWC Unequipped Bench ChampionshipsCompetitor16-02-2008
BWLA YNE MastersCompetitor02-02-2008