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Misha Koklyaev Puts On a Show!

14th August 2010 - Posted by Rob The Misha Koklyaev seminar that took place at the Glasgow Palace of Arts yesterday saw a variety of heavy lifts from the inspirational Russian weightlifter and strongman.

Koklyaev performed the following lifts for the crowd:
  • 400kg x 3 deadlift
  • 270kg Behind the Neck Jerk
  • 290kg hands-free squat
  • 190kg snatch
He also provided a number of entertaining quotes, including:
"Weightlifting is an art. A weightlifter shoots the bullseye of a target 100's meters away. A power lifter brings out this huge cannon..."

Asked if he would ever return to Olympic lifting he replied sadly "It is my dream"

Told of a guy at some airport who squeezed his arms and asked him what he would do with all the muscles he replied "I'll kick your ass".

Thanks little_a for the above
Numerous videos of all the major lifts have already appeared in the comments thread - click through below!
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