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» Abolishing my shame (Go to post)20-02-2018 @ 21:16 

Banded press/banded curls

Rotator cuff exercises

Axle 1 clean and press

 Belt + wraps,
131.5 x 2 e3m x 5,
134 x 2.

Chins, slow eccentrics, 3 x 3.

Axle 1 clean + strict/incline press

115/60 x 1/12, 1/12, 1/12.

Fat gripz extreme bw hangs

10s, 10s, 10s.

Another good session. Working sets felt good, so knocked the weight up a touch for the final set. Very comfortable, another 3 reps there at least.
» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)19-02-2018 @ 20:07 
PaulSavage said:It seems a fair few have not seen many interviews of eddies after winning worlds. He is contracted to keep competing till 2019. Why wouldn't he at least consider wsm?.

Because he promised his family he would not.

Screw the contract, he made a promise, he should honour that. He can honour his contract without being 180kg and devoting all his time to strongman. He can even still do Worlds, take the family and make a holiday of it.

Its not a huge surprise you dont agree though, you tend to have a fairly unique perspective.
» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)19-02-2018 @ 17:53 
The_Lone_Wolf said:
I will be pissed off if he does, as he openly said many times he was done with worlds.

This is my view. Id be hugely disappointed if he goes and gives anything more than a token performance.
I've never agreed with Eds rationale, but i can respect his drive and motivation. If he deliberately breaks a promise to his wife and children though it would make it very hard to respect the man.
» The best space sci-fi film to date ? (Go to post)18-02-2018 @ 20:20 
Finally got round to seeing Passenger last night. Nothing spectacular, but a very enjoyable watch and an interesting premise.
» Abolishing my shame (Go to post)18-02-2018 @ 15:54 
Post Edited: 20.02.2018 @ 21:16 PM by KevC86

Axle clean

155 - PB.

Yoke, drop and turn @ 15m,

232 x 30m,
272 x 30m,
312 x 30m - no turn


95 x 30m, 30m,
135 x 30m,
155 x 15m.

Sled drag into sack over yoke

250 x 10m/80 x 10m/95 x 10m - 2 runs.

Really pleased with this session. Great confidence booster at 4 weeks out.
The axle clean was done on what i believe to be a replica for the comp set up at Northerns. Bashed my shin canny on one of the sets with 135, but that was the only drama. 155 was a cake walk.
Foot speed was great on both yoke and Farmers. Grip also felt good on the farmers, ended the 155 with a hold at 15m, but confident i could've gone the full 30m without a drop.
Conditioning was ok on the medley, but this is the main area that needs work. As I've only got 1 more events session i will need to get my conditioning in another way, hill sprints or kettlebell work are the 2 most likely options.
» Abolishing my shame (Go to post)16-02-2018 @ 15:10 

Pendlay rows

160 x 3, 3, 3.

Banded glute kickbacks, 3 x 6.

17.5" Axle deadlift

320 x 3 e3m x 6,
335 x 3.

Push press

120 x 2, 2, 2.

Kettlebell extensions/curls

14 x 12/12, 12/12,
20 x 8/8.

Everything feeling good again today. Little man woke me up early so by it came time to train id already eaten 3 meals and a 600 calorie 'snack' and i was ready to roar.
Deadlifts feeling nice and easy, even threw some extra weight on for the final set which moved nicely.
Push press was just drilling the movement. Bar is sitting nicely on my chest, and the movement is becoming more natural.
» Abolishing my shame (Go to post)15-02-2018 @ 21:46 

Assisted squats,

Single leg calf raises/hanging knee raises, 3 x 10/10.

Front squats

200 x 3 e3m x 2,
210 x 3 e3m x 2,
215 x 3, 3, 3.

Btn press

60 x 5, 5,
80 x 3, 3 - slow eccentrics.

Step ups, 3 x 6.

Things feeling good tonight.
Trebles at 215 were hard, but given my PB triple is 220 they were always gonna be a bit rough.
Extra calories seem to be a big help (back up around the 6000 bracket). Hopefully the weight will also be on the rise by now so i should be closing on my 21st target by about a week before Northerns.
» Arnold's Ohio (Go to post)14-02-2018 @ 19:28 
AdamT said:Pritchett will certainly win deadlift

Thor for overall!

I love Jerry but i think Thor could win every single event this year, he looks in phenomenal shape.
» Abolishing my shame (Go to post)13-02-2018 @ 21:05 

Banded press/banded curls

Rotator cuff exercises

Axle 1 clean and press

 Belt + wraps,
127.5 x 3 e3m x 5,
127.5 x 2,
127.5 x 3.

Chins, slow eccentrics, 3 x 3.

Axle 1 clean + strict/incline press

75/100 x 6/3, 6/3, 6/3.

Bw hangs, 15s hang/15s rest

5 'sets'.

This was probably the hardest session of my axle peak, so even though i dropped a rep I'm reasonably happy with how it went.
Varied the grip width on each set of chins, hard on the lats, but brutal on the hands.
Painful delt + forearm pump by the end of this session. Looks great, feels horrid.
» Abolishing my shame (Go to post)11-02-2018 @ 14:39 

Pendlay rows

140 x 6, 6, 6.

Banded glute kickbacks, 3 x 5.

17.5" Axle deadlift

305 x 3 e3m x 8.

Axle strict press

75 x 8, 8,
95 x 3, 3,
100 x 3 - slow eccentrics.


260 x 2,
300 x 2,
320 x 1.

Kettlebell triceps extensions

14 x 12, 12,
20 x 8.

Everything feeling so much stronger today. Surprisingly so after getting very little sleep last night (i did sneak an hours nap in before training though).
4th set of block pulls done beltless because im a f**king idiot. Felt like i could have kept pulling those sets for days. Only noticeable effect was a bit of lower back pump/discomfort.
Floor pulls were a bit trickier, but just due to lack of familiarity with the stance in that position, definitely no shortage of power there.
» Abolishing my shame (Go to post)08-02-2018 @ 20:56 

Assisted squats,

Single leg calf raises/hanging leg raises, 3 x 8/8.

Front squats

200 x 3 e3m x 4,
207.5 x 2 e3m x 3,
207.5 x 3.

Still under the weather, so again the decision was made to just focus on the main lift. However, knowing id struggle to recover from another session as poor as last Thurs i had to adjust the planned numbers this week.
The front squats themselves felt quite good, the triples on 200 were much more comfortable than last week.
Video of the final set is up on my fb, it was suitably unspectacular.
This was also the first time squatting in my new 'British Strongman' neoprenes, really impressed with them.
» Abolishing my shame (Go to post)06-02-2018 @ 20:57 

Banded press/banded curls

Rotator cuff exercises

Axle 1 clean and press

 Belt + Wraps,
122.5 x 3 e3m x 6,
122.5 x 2f3 - lost balance.
122.5 x 3.

Woke up today with a blooming cold so decided early on to ditch all the accessory work. (I cant afford to be too drained for work tomorrow, its going to be a busy one).
Working sets were actually pretty easy until the 5th set after which i just couldnt get the air in fast enough. That came to a head on the 7th set, i got light headed and stumbled just as i dipped to press so had to bail out. Stopped the clock to catch my breath then hit the final set with no drama.
» Abolishing my shame (Go to post)04-02-2018 @ 14:11 

Viking press

Leg press


312 x 25m,
352 x 25m, 25m, 10m.
392 - pick ups.


95 x 20m, 25m, 25m,
135 x 25m.

Hercules hold, fat gripz


Bw hangs

60s - 2 sets.

Really hard work today, but managed to string a half decent session together.
» Shoes for events/comps (Go to post)03-02-2018 @ 21:10 
Oly shoes for squat, stones or overhead.
Climbing shoes for truck pulls.
Basketball shoes for pretty much everything else.
» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)03-02-2018 @ 20:04 
scruffmcbuff said:
Who are the other two? Guy on the right appears to carry no weight but at the same time making a 30 stone man look slim...

To be fair this is an old pic, Thor was a much svelter 26st or so back then.

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