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» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)13-02-2018 @ 03:10 
drex50 said:
They are both helped by Effedring on supplements and nutrition. And hes a big believer that to get stronger you need to start from being leaner.

I am always my strongest when I lose some fat and then eat my way back up. There is definitely a lot of truth to this.
» Strongman on TV (Go to post)31-12-2017 @ 20:13 
I actually searched online for odds on Ed to pull 500kg. Couldn't find anything. Some of you will remember me saying on here that he'll do it!
» 900kg and 1000kg Raw totals in Britain (Go to post)11-12-2017 @ 12:32 
Tom nailed 325/220/360
He pressed 230 but jumped rack command i think?

I did a speed squat with 380 but it was redlighted. And my bench was s**t cos I pulled my bicep on that gay squat.
» 'You've got the passion but not the gift' (Go to post)26-11-2017 @ 01:55 
Post Edited: 26.11.2017 @ 01:55 AM by FAT_SAM
I did a fairly easy 385kg in the gym this week. Maybe an inch high though lol

Bench is going even better, killed 255kg
» 'You've got the passion but not the gift' (Go to post)23-11-2017 @ 03:50 
Wayne Cowdrey style bump.

5 years later

Still got the passion.

'The gift' for me turned out to be tolerance/resilience as in be able to use large doses of PEDs with minimal sides over the years, and thus keep progressing.

30kg on my bench and 70kg on my squat since this thread was created. Even my abysmal deadlift has gone up.

» 900kg and 1000kg Raw totals in Britain (Go to post)14-11-2017 @ 20:14 
AdamT said:
I hope you or Tom are the first. Didn't know you where wearing wraps. If/when you squat 400, you probably will hit 1000

At the moment it's all speculation but I've done 370 in sleeves on calibrated plates(it was a gym lift), but this SHOULD give me 400 in wraps. 260 and 340 should be possible to round the total off. 260 is there or thereabouts for me. 340 is the hard bit, I am not a great deadlifter.
» 900kg and 1000kg Raw totals in Britain (Go to post)14-11-2017 @ 20:02 
SteBennett said:Think it depends what his grip is like now

Who will be the first to total 1000 then?


I'm competing in 4 weeks and using wraps
» Depression/OCD (Go to post)11-08-2017 @ 22:02 
JackRevans said:5htp is good

» Abpu qualifying totals (Go to post)07-08-2017 @ 12:25 
You can go up but not down in gpc no idea about other feds
» Panic/anxiety (Go to post)06-08-2017 @ 22:32 
Thinking she is a c**t rather than making excuses for her is good progress mate!!!
» PHAT SAM 370KG NO WRAPS (Go to post)06-08-2017 @ 22:26 
Post Edited: 06.08.2017 @ 22:27 PM by FAT_SAM
drex50 said:Its very impressive, but Sam u dont look good. I know its not about the look but overall its not worthing.

I'm fat as f**k and don't feel great most days. Sleep with a mask to keep my airway open. I still f**k good pussy though bro.

I am only going to do this s**t for a couple more years tops. Drugs and food rule your life when taking these weights.

And yeah, I'd say this is on par with or perhaps slightly better than 400 with wraps.

Thanks people x
» PHAT SAM 370KG NO WRAPS (Go to post)06-08-2017 @ 01:24
» Panic/anxiety (Go to post)06-08-2017 @ 00:58 
Post Edited: 06.08.2017 @ 01:09 AM by FAT_SAM
f**k me, CAJ. I have experienced pretty much everything you speak of when I was running tren. Anxiety, extreme paranoia, limerence (Google it if needed). I have only ever experienced these feelings when on tren and staying away from it has solved it. I don't really know what to suggest as I don't know you personally and would need to know what makes you tick to help you but I have to say most lifters I know have experienced something along these lines and managed to get through it eventually even if it is just through repeated and extreme acts of rejection:

Limerence can be resolved in 3 ways,

1. Reciprocation. By that it becomes love, and a meaningful successful relationship.

2. Shifting to a new object of affection, that is a new 'limerent object'.

3. Despair. Repeated rejection to the point of no hope of 1. occurring.

Most episodes of limerence end with a combination of 2. and 3.

I have become very analytical of my own behaviour and managed to resolve things without the need for drugs which IME makes things a lot worse. Good luck bro hit me up if you wanna talk
» Best pinch block width for training for the inch (Go to post)27-07-2017 @ 14:28 
If you have smaller hands you really need to 'Pinch the inch' to lift it. I did one hand pinches with 2x20kg plates smooth sides out to get the thumb strength to get the inch lifted.
» IPF WORLDS - 120+ Cat (Go to post)26-06-2017 @ 11:16 
ChrisMcCarthy said:
About 184 IIRC - you've got a way to go yet. Happy

Awesome. Gives me hope of becoming decent on a world level with 20kg odd to still play with. Especially looking at Uepa's progression since 2013.

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